Quentin Howat
Quentin Howat


Quentin’s experiences with the sea began in the late 60’s. However, most of this was not exactly akin to the activities of YCTC, as they involved 12,000 ton ships on top of the water before 7,500 ton boats under the water, during his time in the Royal Navy. Sails were obviously a particularly inefficient form of propulsion for submarines but he did manage to get the odd opportunity for a bit of dinghy sailing when in port. Perhaps the greatest opportunity the forces provided was a lifetime experience of competing in the “Tall Ships Race” from Plymouth to Tenerife aboard the Sail Training Association’s 3 masted top sail schooner ‘Malcolm Miller’. After leaving the forces his involvement with the sea in any format took a back seat for many years.


A mutual friend then introduced him to YCTC from which time Quentin believes he has not looked back. He completed his Day Skipper and Yachtmaster shorebased courses, as well as Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper practicals, all with YCTC, before becoming a qualified RYA Shorebased Instructor in 2010. Since that time he has instructed the Day Skipper shorebased courses for YCTC combining this with sailing, entirely for pleasure he would stress, with friends on a variety of larger cruising yachts.



Whilst thoroughly enjoying his various sailing trips he would freely admit that instructing also gives him a great amount of pleasure by meeting such an amazingly wide variety of people but all with a common interest.

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