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 Wetwheels Yorkshire

Building disabled people's confidence

Wetwheels Yorkshire is the bringing the amazing Wetwheels concept to Yorkshire and the wider North East region in 2018.  We are currently fundraising and raising awareness in preparation for bringing our boat to Whitby next year.  Please get in touch if you can help us in any way - check out our 'How to Donate/Sponsor' and our 'Upcoming' pages for more information or just drop us an email.

Wetwheels builds disabled people’s confidence by providing the opportunity to access the sea in a fun, safe, stimulating and rewarding way using specially modified, fully accessible powerboats.  

With the support of our donors and partner organisations we provide water-based activity experiences for disabled people on board our specially designed boats, from centres within local communities. 

Our adventurous trips afloat are staffed by specialists who ensure each person can share experiences, challenge their self-perceptions, extend their horizons, and discover new opportunities.


Beneficiaries are active participants, rather than simply passengers, with the opportunity to steer the vessel and learn seamanship, alongside their peers, friends, and families.  The experience is truly inclusive helping to improve aspirations and increase confidence. 

Our own research tells us more than 80% of Wetwheels’ participants have never previously been on the sea.  When asked why, the reason given is that the opportunity had not existed before.  Disabled people can face particular challenges developing confidence, self-belief, self-worth and independence and many do not reach their potential in life.  Most are very able but are restricted by low aspiration and lack of opportunity, which often impacts on wellbeing, the ability to live a full life and make a valuable contribution to society.

Wetwheels is an inspiring organisation where perceived barriers are reassessed, new skills are learned and new-found independence is discovered. Participants are able to have a single experience or return over time to develop new skills. 


How we're structured

Wetwheels Yorkshire is a Community Interest Company (CIC). We are a registered not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee serving our local community. Using fully accesible boats, we can provide boating opportunities for people of all ages and of all abilities. We offer a range of options; from educational and mentoring programmes to sport and experiential trips, there is something for most people. For more information, click Our Activities in the menu bar.


Where appropriate, we ask participants to contribute towards the costs of their trip. We may be able to access funds to cover some programme funding but we are adamant that lack of finance should not exclude anyone from enjoying our boating opportunities.


Wetwheels Yorkshire website:


Registered address: 1 Steeple Close, Wigginton, York, YO32 2FQ


Wetwheels ® is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom, Jersey and Guernsey