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New lifeboat launched at St Abbs after RNLI closure


An independent lifeboat has been launched in St Abbs following the closure of the local RNLI station.


The twin-200hp 900W-SAR 'Thomas Tunnock' arrived on site last Thursday, following a hugely successful fundraising campaign, which saw thousands of individual divers donate and dozens of dive clubs hold fundraising events.


Euan Gibson, a member of the fundraising team, said: "St Abbs is the most dived area in the UK. We totally disagreed with the decision taken by the RNLI to close St Abbs Lifeboat Station, believing lives would be put at risk, so we are delighted to announce the launch of the new St Abbs Independent Lifeboat.


"The new RIB is crammed with the latest electronics systems. It should be the quickest lifeboat in the UK, and being based near to the main dives sites, it will save us vital time in getting to incidents."


The crew has had supplementary specialist medical and First Aid training to help them deal with the likely diving incidents they will be asked to deal with.


For more information about St Abbs Lifeboat, visit