The YCTC Constitution

The Constitution of the

RYA York Cruiser Training Centre

Section 1 Name and Objects.

1.1 The name of the Centre shall be The RYA York Cruiser

Training Centre. (Herein after referred to in these rules as the


1.2 The object of the centre is to promote and facilitate by

education the safety of all who go to sea for recreational

purposes in small boats. From both a theory and practical


Section 2 Officers.

2.1 The officers of the Centre shall be fully paid up members of the

Centre and shall consist of;


 Vice Chairman

 Hon Secretary

 Hon Treasurer

 Chief Shorebase Instructor (CSI)

 Chief Practical instructor (CPI)

 Managing committee (as many members as may be found

necessary to form this committee)

 All officers shall be elected at the annual general meeting in

each year and shall hold office for one year.

Officers shall retire at the annual general meeting. All such

officers shall be eligible for re-election.

 The managing committee may as they feel necessary co-opt

members to the managing committee.

 Duties of Honorary Secretaries

2.2 The Honorary Secretary Shall;

(a) Keep a register of club members their names and addresses

(b) Conduct the correspondence of the club

(c) Keep in good custody all club records

(d) Keep full minutes of all meetings of the club, the committee,

and sub-committees which shall be confirmed and signed by

the appropriate chairman upon the agreement of the club, the

committee or sub committee at the next following meeting of

that committee or sub committee.

(e) Administer such insurance policy or policies as may be needed

to fully protect the interests of the centre its Officers and its


(f) Maintain contact with the centres Legal Adviser to ensure that

the centres affairs are managed in accordance with current law

Maintain any such certificates or registrations, and complete

any non financial returns as may be required by law.

2.3 The Position of Hon Secretary may by divided in order to

reduce workload. A second position of Hon Secretary may be

created at the discretion of the committee.

 Duties of the Honorary Treasurer

 2.4 The Honorary Treasurer shall:

(a) Cause such books of accounts to be kept as are required to give

a true and fair view of the state of the finances of the centre.

(b) Cause all returns as may be required by law in relation to such

accounts to be rendered at the due date.

(c) Prepare an Annual Balance Sheet in each year and cause such a

Balance Sheet to be audited annually. The Annual Balance

Sheet shall be published in due time for distribution and

discussion at the annual general meeting.

(d) Make available all accounts, books and documents for an Audit,

which may be required by the Managing committee, by the

instruction of an annual general meeting or a special general


2.5 The Auditors shall;

(a) Be appointed by the managing committee, by an Annual

general meeting or a special general meeting.

(b) The auditors may be two appropriately qualified members of

the Centre

(c) Such appointed auditors shall audit the accounts of the Centre

when called upon to do so and shall give such a certificate of

assurance as to the accuracy of the said accounts as shall be

required by law or by the committee

Section 3 Membership

3.1 Categories;

(a) There shall be two categories of membership.

(b) A Full Member, being a person who has fully paid their

subscription for that one-year.

(c) An Honorary Member. This being a category duly conferred on

a member by the recommendation of the managing committee

and confirmed by the AGM.

(d) A Full Member shall have full voting rights.

(e) A Honorary member shall have no voting rights


3.2 Membership Subscription;

(a) The rate of Subscription shall be recommended by the

managing committee each year and shall be ratified by a

majority vote at the annual general meeting.

(b) All subscriptions shall become payable on the 1st September

each year.

(c) Only fully paid up members may attend classes either theory

or practical.

(d) Further charges may be made at the discretion of the

committee on the occasion of any lecture or event organised

by the Centre.

(e) Where an event is featured in the annual programme that form

part of a joint venture with the RYA or similar organisation

non-members will be admitted at fee, which will be agreed at

the rate, advertised at that time. Members of the centre may be

entitled to a discounted entrance fee.

(f) No refunds of subscriptions will be made.

3.3 Limitation of the Centres Liability

(a) Members of the centre, their guests and visitors attending any

class lecture or Practical course or any other event organised by

the club do so entirely at their own risk and impliedly accept:

The centre will not accept any liability for any damage to or

 loss of property belonging to members or their guests or visitors

to any event, class or course.

The Centre will not accept any liability for personal injury

arising from the attendance at any event, class or course either

sustained by the member, guest or visitor or caused by the said

member, guest or visitor whether or not such damage or injury

could have been attributed to or was occasioned by the neglect,

default or negligence of any of the above, the Officers or

Committee or servants of the Centre


3.4 Membership of the Centre and acceptance of these rules by the

member will be deemed to constitute consent to the holding of

relevant personal data for the purposes of the Data protection

Act 1984.

Section 4 Management Committee

(a) The managing committee (herein referred to as the Committee)

shall consist of Officers, Ex officio and not less than four full

members of the Centre and shall be elected each year at the

Annual general meeting and hold office until the termination at

the next annual general meeting.

(b) At the annual general meeting all members of the committee

shall retire but may offer themselves for re-election.

(c) Four Members personally present shall form a quorum at a

meeting of the committee.

(d) If the number of candidates for election exceeds the number of

vacancies to be filled then there shall be a ballot.

(e) If the number of candidates is equal or less than the number of

vacancies then all candidates shall be deemed to be elected.

(f) If for any reason a casual vacancy occurs the committee may, as

they feel fit co-opt a full member until the next following

Annual General meeting.

(g) A retiring Chairman should if possible serve as an ex officio

member of the committee in the year following his retirement.

(h) The committee shall meet every month or less than every two

months as it may decide. The Chairman or in his absence a

person elected by those present shall preside.

(i) Voting shall be by show of hands and the case of equality the

chairman shall have a second casting vote.

(j) Four members personally present shall form a quorum at a

meeting of the committee.

4.1 Powers of the Committee

(a) The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Centre according

to the rules and shall cause the funds of the Centre to be applied

solely to the objects of the Centre or for a benevolent or

charitable purpose nominated by the membership at a general


(b) The committee will ensure that sufficient teaching staff with the

required qualifications will be in place to accommodate the

number of students for the required study level in each

academic year.

(c) The committee will ensure that all teaching both theory and

practical shall be in line with the curricula as set by the Royal

Yachting Association (RYA).

(d) The committee shall make such By laws and regulations as it

from time to time think fit and where possible publish these at

least one month before implementation. Such bylaws and

regulations shall remain in force until approved or set aside by a

vote at the next General Meeting.

(e) The committee may appoint such sub committees as it may

deem necessary and may delegate such of its powers as it may

think fit upon such terms and conditions as shall be deemed

expedient and /or required by law. Such sub committees shall

consist of such members of the committees of the Centre as the

committees think fit. Officers of the Centre shall be Ex officio

members of all such sub committees.

(f) A member of the committee or of a sub committee or any

officer of the Centre, in transacting business for the Centre shall

disclose to third parties that he is so acting.

(g) The committee or any person or sub-committee delegated by

the committee to act, as agent for the Centre or its members, 

shall enter into contract only as far as expressly authorised, or

authorised by implication, by the members. No one shall with

out the express authority of the members in an general meeting,

pledge the credit of the membership.

(h) In pursuance of the authority vested in the committee by the

members of the Centre, members of the committee are entitled

to be indemnified by the members of the Centre against any

liabilities properly incurred by them or any one of them, on

behalf of the Centre wherever the contract is of a duly

authorised nature and entered into on behalf of the centre.

(i) The limit of any individuals’ indemnity in this respect shall be a

sum equal to one year’s subscription at the then current rate for

that member unless the committee has been authorised to

exceed such a limit by a general meeting.

 4.2 Honorary Members

 (a) The committee May nominate for election at an annual general

meeting such honorary members as the committee may think


Section 5 - Academic Management

 Duties of Chief Shorebase Instructor

(a) The Chief Shorebase Instructor (CSI) shall ensure that the

teaching of theory courses will follow the curriculum exactly as

that detailed by the RYA for each level of qualification.

(b) The CSI will ensure that the lecturers taking each class of

students will have the qualifications as specified and laid down

by the RYA instruction on teaching establishments.

(c) The CSI will ensure that sufficient time as is recommended will

be given to each and every subject in each level of qualification.

(d) At the end of each Academic Year the CSI will ensure that

examinations shall be organised and that such examinations

shall be conducted in a fair and proper manner.

 Duties of The Chief Practical Instructor

(a) The Chief Practical Instructor (CPI) will ensure that the

practical courses shall ensure that all his or her qualifications

are those as prescribed by the RYA and further ensure that any

assistant instructor shall also be so qualified.

(b) The CPI shall ensure that the Boat Borrowed or Chartered by

the Centre shall comply with the standard as detailed in the

RYA directives for boats used for instruction.

(c) The CPI or his designated instructor shall ensure that the boat

used for instruction be examined before each course to ensure

as far as is practically possible that it is seaworthy and safe and

is equipped with all recommended safety aids before

proceeding to sea.

(d) At the end of each course the CPI or his designated instructor

shall examine the vessel and report to the owner any defect

found during that course. At all times the interests of the Centre

shall be protected.

(e) If any damage to the vessel is caused by the students the owner

or his agent shall be notified and a full report be made out and

filed by the instructor as soon as is practically possible after the

incident. Such a report will be sent to the secretary of the

centre. Such a report shall be brought to the attention of the

managing committee at the first possible opportunity in the

form of the CPI’s report.

(f) The centre will indemnify the practical instructor against any

third party claim for negligence or loss during a practical course

(g) A safety policy shall be initiated by the committee and shall be

available to any interested party

Section 6. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

(a) The committee shall organise an AGM each year and within 15

months of the last AGM.

(b) Notice of the date of the AGM shall be given 4 weeks before

such a meeting.

(c) The following shall be sent to all members of the centre two

weeks before the AGM. (a) The Agenda. (b) A copy of the

Accounts. (c) A Nomination paper.

(d) The meeting will need 10 members to have a quorum.

(e) Only the items on the agenda may be considered at an AGM.





YCTC Committee

Chairman: Maggie Morris

Vice Chairman: Iam Salmons

Treasurer: Jill Salmons

Chief Shorebased Instructor: Paul Scaife

Member: Mike Wilson

Member : Gary Cameron

Member: Quentin Howat

Member: Mark Johnson

Member: Rod Swales

Member: Pat Igoe

YCTC Address

YCTC, C/O Gary Cameron

33 Railway Terrace


YO24 4BN


Contact Details

Name: Maggie Morris

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 07594 048909